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Get to know most recent trends curated

by Vogue Brazilian Footwear

Beach sandals become a sophisticated item and hit the streets this season


Sandals get heels and more chic fabrics, as well as straps, to elevate the look

Kids wear the Summer 2022 footwear trends in a fun and safe way


Much smaller and very cute versions of this season’s shoes for boys and girls

Let your braids down!


One of the hottest trends of the moment, braided sandals can be worn all year round, with versions for all styles

Learn more about the experience of those who have already negotiated with Brazilian manufacturers

Kevin M. Patera


I have worked with Brazilian brands and footwear factories for 7 years now in different capacities and roles. From USA Comercial Director for a Brazilian brand, Consultant and for American brands that source in Brazil, and to Agente of another Brazilian brand, I have seen the full scope of the Brazilian footwear industry. What I have found is a great deal of respect for the craft of shoemaking as well as a world renowned care in client relations. It has been a pleasure working with Brazilian brands and factories in bringing passion, dedication and skill to the footwear markets we serve together.
Tony Makhija


In Brazil you can find trendy, comfort, innovation, detailing and competitive prices. I have been sourcing all kinds of footwear from Brazilian companies for more than 20 years and all along it’s been a successful business association until this date!
Brazilian companies are reliable knowing the core of business ethics with their business partners!
Radha Nair Kollaikal


Brazil is a promissing country in the footwear segment. I was very happy to meet more companies and most likely we will increase our business with Brazilian brands very soon.

The Brazilian footwear industry in numbers

+ 940 million

pairs manufactures in 2018

+ 127 million

pairs exported in 2018

4th largest

footwear manufacturer in the world
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