Lolita Pimenta


About the brand

More than a brand, Lolita Pimenta is the pseudonym of modern, multifaceted women who do not have a unique style, but identified as a free spirit and they are open to new experiences and learning. That dress up for an experience and use fashion as attribute to show what they really are and who they will be. That combine comfort and beauty to your routine being differentiated and standing out in your world. Fruit of dream and passion, Lolita Pimenta was idealized through the ideals of a couple, life and business partners: Gian Carlo and Sandra Stein. Differentiated products, differentiated manufacturing and differentiated service - under this premise, employees were trained to produce on demand, always encouraged to put a lot of love in each task performed.

"Put on dreams and deliver happiness to people!"
Our mission is to deliver happiness through the art of fashion and love what you advertise, providing fantastic experiences. It is putting on dreams, giving support, leading people's journey in unforgettable moments, promoting self-esteem, self-love and well-being in a sustainable way.

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Ladies Genderless
Leather Synthetic Plastic/Rubber Textile Ecological
Casual Social Athletic Comfort
Are you looking for shoes with your own brand?
Product category
Boot Sandal Flat Sneakers Moccasin Scarpin
Price range (FOB)
USD 40 to USD 90
Direct sales through Joor Passport
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