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Marjorie is a brand oriented towards people with young and connected souls, who believe in the transformation of the world through the strength of collectiveness and, exactly because of that, are engaged in social and environmental matters. Our products bring along a sustainable enchantment, with collections built on colors and material inspired by women who love to unite fashion, lightness and comfort, and who value simple things in life - with a good sense of style. With positive actions towards the environment, MARJORIE uses in its collections renewable, recycled, recyclable and non-animal-sourced materials. Our brand is part of Gonçalves Shoes, a company with three productive plants - two in Brazil and one in Paraguay -, more than a thousand workers and an installed capacity of more than 20 thousand pairs a day. We invest in factories equipped with the latest technology, quality programs and processes and, above all that, people, engaged in an ideal of caring and dedication. MARJORIE believes that essential is being ourselves and allowing this freedom to reach everyone around us. Let yourself be amazed by MARJORIE and be a part of this chain of well-being, style and sustainability.

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Synthetic Ecological
Casual Social
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Product category
Boot Sandal Flat Sneakers Scarpin Others
Price range (FOB)
USD 10 to USD 20 USD 20 to USD 40 USD 40 to USD 90
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