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Outer. was born out of an unease to bring a greater connection among people and the present time through their feet, our greatest contact point with the world.

That´s how the ideas gave birth to what we are, a brand detached from every traditional shoe-manufacturing pattern. That´s how unstructured shoes were born, without lining, with wider and lighter shapes, using soft leather that value the authenticity of the materials.

Today we are a group of passionate people who, gathered to dream a bigger dream, beyond selling shoes and accessories. Outer was already born feeling the value of being different and unique.
That is the message we want to share: live your own nature, understand and appreciate what makes you who you are, a singular and special being.
We want to take our essence to every corner of the world, transforming visions, renewing old patterns and contributing with free self-expressions.

We wish that, wherever you are, you are able express your irreplaceable nature.

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Leather Synthetic Plastic/Rubber Textile Ecological
Casual Comfort
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Product category
Boot Slipper/Flip Flop Sandal Flat Sneakers Moccasin Others
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R$ 999,99
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