• Gender
  • Genderless, Ladies, Men
  • Material
  • Leather, Synthetic, Textile
  • Occasion
  • Athletic, Casual, Comfort, Others
  • Price range (FOB)
  • USD 0.00 to USD 0.00, USD 0.00 to USD 0.00,
  • Private Label
  • Yes
  • Product category
  • Boot, Sneakers
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About the brand

Outdoor leather shoes manufacturer since 1988. We are Bradok, a company from Franca / SP with 36 years of history. The unmistakable quality of our products is the result of a lot of sweat, research and testing. Our essence is in work, respect and the desire to make each shoe an experience. Our mission is to inspire people to connect with nature and promote the spirit of freedom.

Bradok • Inspiring the Connection Between People and Nature

For 36 years, Bradok has built a history marked by a passion for freedom and the incessant search for connection between people and nature. We are more than a brand; we are an invitation to explore the world around us. Our purpose is to inspire this unique connection, whether on dry land or urban asphalt. We believe that freedom is a constant impulse that invites us to explore new territories, whether tangible or not. That's why, with each firm step we take, we seek to enrich our journey with culture, places, stories and experiences that transform us. "Explore The Outside" is more than a slogan for us, it is a call to adventure, an invitation to live fully. Join us on this journey. Bradok Smart is a concept that represents innovation and sustainability in the footwear market for 2024. It is committed to production efficiency and regaining market share, offering high quality footwear at competitive prices. With the mission of serving the B2B market and strengthening its presence at points of sale, Bradok Smart's vision is to be a reference in quality and accessibility. Values such as fair price, branding, production efficiency, quality, comfort and lightness guide the brand, highlighting its lasting commitment to excellence and the planet.