Acknowledgement and consent agreement

Acknowledgement and consent agreement

By completing your registration on you, Company and/or Buyer, spontaneously, knowledgeably, and unequivocally acknowledge and consent that Abicalçados – Owner/administrator of this website – will use your data to manage the page as a whole.

The data will be managed and used by Abicalçados through its own login and will include:

- Access to data from the page of the brand;
- Access to interactions between buyers and brands in order to quantify and identify
- Access to the number of updates on the page;
- Access to the last update on the page;
- Sending email marketing campaigns;
- The use of data, information, and metrics to produce reports for Apex-Brasil.

The collection and processing of the data mentioned herein are essential for the maintenance of Thus, if you do not consent to it, do not register.

This consent may be withdrawn at any time, by contacting the data manager: [email protected] and such withdrawal will result in the exclusion of the registration and will make it impossible to access the page.