Anna Barroso: timeless art in authorial pieces

2024-03-04 | By Brazilian Footwear


Anna Barroso, a remarkable entrepreneur from Minas Gerais in footwear fashion, brings with her an engaging and inspiring journey. Her company, which bears her name, has been focused on the exclusive production of shoes and accessories since 2014, operating in Belo Horizonte - MG with a team of 15 employees.

The shoes are true jewels - customizable - with unique style, which takes Brazilian fashion to another level, bringing a differential to the group of brands associated with Brazilian Footwear, an export incentive program, carried out by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil).

The daughter of an entrepreneur in the industry, Anna absorbed the essence of fashion from an early age. But only after studying Fine Arts, she realized that fashion was her authentic expression. She signs timeless pieces that unite art, jewelry and entrepreneurship, creating a true atelier of beautiful compositions from sandals, hats and brooches.

A leader in the industry, Anna faces challenges in managing people, seeking to create an inclusive culture. Recognizing the persistence of gender stereotypes, she believes that women are gradually conquering their space. Her foray into social media, notably on the @it_girls profile, has propelled her internationally, garnering more than 800,000 followers, including the likes of Roberto Cavalli and Kim Kardashian. 

When she reflects on being an inspiration to countless women entrepreneurs, she understands that it is possible to create unique and innovative paths, embodying the idea that success is forged by walking an authentic path, which values each step of the process.


1. What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion and business?

The search for the beautiful has always been an important value for me, something that moved me. The creative process has always fascinated me. Although I studied Fine Arts at the Guignard school and considered pursuing a career as an artist, I could not escape my roots. Today I see that fashion is, in fact, my most authentic and intrinsic expression.


2. What are the main challenges of being a woman in a leading position in this industry?

My biggest challenge is people management. From finding talent to retaining it. I seek to create a culture in which everyone feels like an essential part of what we are building, and that they really wear the AB shirt. My generation faces less prejudice than past generations, but the cultural view that we are less competent or capable than men still persists. I believe that little by little we are conquering our space and soon these barriers will be overcome.


3. What do you do to keep up to date with fashion, business and technology trends?

I live in search of wisdom and experiences. I am part of groups of entrepreneurs, such as FIEMG Jovem and Confraria Fora da Caixa, which provide valuable exchanges with members and speakers. In addition to courses at renowned institutions such as Parsons and Marangoni Institute, this semester I started the Bachelor of Global Business at Skema.

The academic environment has brought me a rich baggage, but what updates me most are the trips, like the one I just made to the south of France and Ibiza. Nothing inspires me more than being directly in contact with authentic girls, who launch trends around the world.


An inspiring leadership for me is one that creates an engaged community and a strong culture. Where everyone feels essential in the growth process of the organization, has autonomy and is fulfilled within the company.

4. What do you consider inspirational leadership?

An inspiring leadership for me is one that creates an engaged community and a strong culture. Where everyone feels essential in the growth process of the organization, has autonomy and is fulfilled within the company. 

I admire environments where exchanges are well accepted and changes come from various places, not just from top to bottom. 



5.What are the essential skills to succeed in the footwear industry?

In addition to the essential skills for any sector, I emphasize the importance of having a product that unites authorality, quality and comfort. With the great price competition, especially coming from China, brands need to establish themselves in other differentials.  Those who follow trends without losing their identity will remain in the market.


6. What are the next trends you see for the footwear industry and the world?

I see the world moving more and more towards sustainability. I see consumers worrying about production chains, the working condition of employees and the raw materials used. People will become increasingly aware of everything that is behind a product, even worrying about discarding it in the future.

Another great trend is individualization, which comes in contrast to the massification that has occurred in recent decades. I see the fashion market, especially the luxury market, moving more and more towards personalized and exclusive products. A return to the beginning of its story, when garments and shoes were essentially made to order.


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