Inclusive footwear as a highlight in the sustainability of Brazilian industry

2024-04-16 | By Brazilian Footwear


By running your fingers over the sole and some uppers of Pampili children's shoes, what may seem like a small detail to many children is synonymous with integration and welcome for girls with low vision. The inclusion of the braille system in its products and the creation of a special collection are differentials of the company from Birigui (SP), which has a gold certification in Sustainable Origin, the only sustainability and ESG program in the world that certifies the footwear chain. The development of an inclusive footwear illustrates the fourth episode of the Brazilian Footwear series “It's time for Brazilian production”. The initiative of the footwear export support program maintained by Abicalçados in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) aims to present the different stages of footwear production.

In the year that Pampili turned 35, the company launched a collection that had the braille system as a differential. The head of product, Luciano Lopes Figueiredo, says that the idea of incorporating the codes formed by embossed signs in the shoes arose from a marketing campaign developed by the brand. "A girl who participated in the Diverse Hearts campaign commented during the production that the most difficult thing for her was to put on a shoe and an outfit because she did not know which side was which. We observed that and thought about how to solve this difficulty, bringing this strategy to the products. So, we started working with the braille system on the upper and sole.” In addition to indicating the left and right foot, the braille writing brings messages to girls. 

Figueiredo explains that the inclusion of the braille system goes through several stages. “For the development of each product, the principles and essence of the company are taken into account, such as author's design, raw materials and accessories. And when creating a new product that has an inclusive characteristic, these issues also need to be observed so that the final result is the desired one,” he points out, citing that all suppliers were involved and intense training in the production process had to be done. “Our suppliers are Brazilian companies and their involvement in the process is fundamental for the excellence delivering the application of the spheres that make up the braille system. After all, any mistake can make it difficult to read braille, and the production of shoes is done by many hands in many stages. This study is the great challenge of the projects. Everything has to be very well thought out, discussed before and during execution.” In addition to the inclusion of braille on the upper and sole through special equipment that now integrates the company's production unit, the system has been inserted in all product boxes signaling the brand and its attributes in this language that is unique and universal. 

Inclusion in the brand's DNA

What started as a special collection with braille system launched in 2022 has turned into a new Pampili standard: now all the soles of the brand's shoes, which is present in 40 countries, have the universal system on the soles of the shoes. "The new products, 100% of them, have braille on the sole. We are changing the matrixes to, thus, be able to materialize in all our collections the movement ‘make pinkâ’ diverse heartsâ”, stressed the company's head of product. The braille spheres are even designed to be applied in certain areas where there is no friction preventing wear. 

Technologies that bring comfort to the little ones

Pampili's products bring, at the same time, the playful and interactive universe of children with delicacy and charm, and inclusive messages, such as the braille system. But the shoes incorporate various technologies to more comfortably fit all the girls. “In the model of the special collection that is highlighted in the video of the series we have easy fit with velcro and elastics, which adapt the shoe to the various heights of feet. This product also has a comfortable insole and the sole has an exact angle to bring stability to the little ones' feet along with an anti-slip raw material”, explains Figueiredo. Pampili also developed the Feet Care anatomical comfort system that is present in the palms and padding of the brand's products, produced with a high density and memory raw material. In addition, the shoemaker uses insoles with foot reflexology points in its ballerina shoes, providing even more comfort to the feet. “We also use many materials with stretch, which brings greater comfort and allows more flexibility, and the Easy buckle, which was patented by us and does not have the closing pins on the strap so as not to hurt the child and bring more safety, practicality and beauty.”

All of Pampili's differentials have strengthened great partnerships and collabs. Recently, a grand strategy with Disney for the development of a collection within the company's 100-year project was carried out. "This reflects the recognition of our work and message that the brand brings, that of welcoming all girls, the way they are, with their characteristics, contributing to a better world┝, concludes Figueiredo. The fourth episode of the Brazilian Footwear series ”It's time for Brazilian production” is available on the social networks.

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