Mocassin: a best seller with Brazil's DNA

2024-03-15 | By Brazilian Footwear


The Brazilian footwear industry has design as one of its great differentials recognized by the market for over more than 130 years of history. In these more than 13 decades of history, companies have already released many models that have become true best sellers on the market. And the moccasin is an icon of Savelli, a brand founded in 2005 in the footwear center of Franca (São Paulo). The production differentials of this model illustrate the third episode of the Brazilian Footwear series “It's time for Brazilian production”. The initiative of the footwear export support program maintained by Abicalçados in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) aims to present the different stages of footwear production.


At Savelli, the manufacture of this traditional male model goes through different stages that also carry the DNA of Brazilian footwear. Present in 52 countries over five continents, the brand offers to the market 30 lines of footwear, between men's and women's. “We have a format that contributes a lot to the client's business. When developing a product, we choose to create and develop from the sole to the upper. We care about investing in development and that's what makes a difference. We have an exclusive development because we want the product to be truly ours, with the characteristics that distinguish Savelli in the market," says Savelli's director Marcel Mendes.

Respecting the culture of each country, the company operates abroad both with the strengthening of its own brand and with the model of private label (customer's brand). And within the exclusive development strategy, Savelli launches, on average, four to six new product developments per year. "In the private label model, we reverse the market logic, we always sell the models already developed by Savelli, delivering to the customer the market trends in a product loaded with fashion and design information. Of course, customer demands are analyzed within what is possible in the structure of the model so that, if possible, we can make the requested adaptations”, he adds.


When developing a new product, three items are key: high standard, modern design and comfort technology. And when it comes to high standards, this matter goes far beyond a sophisticated look. It is related to the raw materials selected for the manufacture of footwear. "When developing a new product, this is minimal. We always look for noble materials, suppliers with good quality. For example, regarding leather we always use the best one there is and exploit the smoothest leather. The rubber sole, on the other hand, is developed with pure rubber, in its best composition”, emphasizes Mendes, saying that 100% of Savelli's suppliers are Brazilian companies, most of them from the Franca region. “The partner also grew together and by being here near the factory we were able to have end-to-end control of all the inputs used in the manufacture of footwear

Craftsmanship as one of the differentials

In the production stages of the moccasin, one of the brand's great differentials, craftsmanship, is valued. The upper of this model is all hand-sewn, which requires a lot of attention to detail on the part of the company's 150 employees. "Despite all the technological advancement that the industry has been receiving, some models are handmade, which is extremely valued by us. This is a legacy that has been passed down over the years by my father and founder of the company and all this sewing expertise has made so that the moccasin becomes a best seller of the brand”, points out Mendes, when saying that another stage marked by craftsmanship within the company is the handmade finish. "Each type, model of footwear has a different orientation and the people responsible for this area already know this. It is at this moment that we give the shoe its ‘final look’. It's what really transforms it and brings out Savelli's strong DNA.”

In the factory located in Franca, approximately 1,000 pairs of shoes are produced per day, which can be found in stores on all continents. Director Marcel Mendes also comments that working with exports has brought a lot of learning and helped to improve processes and products. “We know that, although there is a facilitation of internationalization, Brazil has an expertise throughout the tradition of our industry. When we sell a product, we are not just placing an order, we do a complete service until it reaches its final destination. Savelli has a responsibility at all ends and all these differentials deliver our value proposition. Using the best resources, we bring the characteristics of Brazilian footwear to the world”, he concludes. 


The third episode of the Brazilian Footwear series “It's time for Brazilian production” is available on the social networks.

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